Top Custom Home Building Trends for 2024

June 30, 2024

The custom home trends for 2024 find a sweet spot between luxury and practicality. People want homes that can change for different needs, like work or play. Indoor gardens and sunlight bring nature inside, creating a peaceful vibe.

Homes will also show off unique, handcrafted details. This spotlight on quality and originality makes each space special.

At Clyde & Co., we’re excited to make these stylish, useful homes a reality in Utah. We’ll include cutting-edge smart tech and green building methods. We aim for homes that not only look amazing but are also ready for the future. Our Northern Utah folks should have homes that reflect the best trends, combining new tech with classic comfort.

Key Takeaways

  • Heightened demand for eco-conscious materials.
  • Incorporation of biophilic design elements.
  • Growing need for adaptable layouts.
  • Emphasis on wellness-focused spaces.
  • Resurgence in artisanal craftsmanship.
  • Integration of smart home technology.
  • Inclusivity and accessibility as key priorities.

Smart Home Technology Elevates Living Conditions

In 2024, custom homes in Northern Utah will heavily feature smart home tech. This tech adds comfort and efficiency to life. Owners like being connected, controlling security, climate, and fun stuff with just their voice via AI helpers. Clyde & Co. is on board to offer these advanced experiences, making our clients’ lives better with custom solutions and saving energy.

Integrated Systems and AI Assistants

Home automation systems tie together different smart tech like lights, climate, security, and fun systems. Voice helpers like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple’s Siri let owners control things easily by talking. These tools make life simpler and save energy with smart thermostats that learn and adjust on their own.

smart home technology

Smart Appliances

Today’s luxury homes now have smart appliances as key features. Kitchens have become tech centers with no-touch faucets, cool storage, and smart locks for better security. These smart features let homeowners live in a way that suits them perfectly.

Clyde & Co. is dedicated to building homes in 2024 that meet our clients’ tech dreams. We use the newest smart tech, save energy, and add personal touches to make everyday life amazing.

Sustainable Living: A Key Consideration

In 2024, sustainable living has become crucial in custom home building. Our team at Clyde & Co. is more committed than ever to using eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient features. More homeowners now prefer materials that cut down the carbon footprint and enhance healthy living.

We offer recyclable and biodegradable options. Our homes in Northern Utah reflect today’s eco-aware standards.

sustainable living

Eco-Friendly Building Materials

The push for sustainability has spiked the use of eco-friendly materials by 40%. These materials range from upcycled furniture to natural fibers. Our focus at Clyde & Co. is on beautiful, sustainable materials.

Energy-Efficient Features

Energy-efficient features are key for a sustainable lifestyle. They blend comfort with lower utility costs. Features like smart thermostats and energy-efficient windows are vital.

Integrating these has boosted home efficiency and well-being. It makes living better and more cost-effective.

As sustainability grows in popularity, we at Clyde & Co. remain focused. We aim to offer homes that are both stylish and eco-friendly. This ensures a vibrant future for our Northern Utah community.

Custom Home Trends 2024: Embracing Personalization

In 2024, custom homes are all about personalization. People want their homes to show who they are. They want spaces that can keep up with everyone’s needs in multi-generational homes. Everyone is looking for custom kitchens and home theaters now.

Wellness rooms and nature designs are becoming popular. They make homes look good and feel peaceful. These designs, along with smart tech, are changing our homes. We now have voice-controlled lights and automated security systems.

Homes now need to suit many needs, from work to schooling to fun. Spaces that change for different uses are essential. Outdoor areas are also key for relaxing and hanging out with friends.

Smart storage is crucial in home design. Built-in cabinets and hidden spaces help, especially in small places. Homes are also getting health upgrades, like air purifiers and safer materials.

Homes are turning into places for all our senses to enjoy. Things like fireplaces and game rooms make life at home exciting. At Clyde & Co., we aim to bring these trends to reality. We want homes to reflect the unique stories of the people living in them.


As we conclude our journey through custom home trends for 2024, innovation and personal style lead the way. Clyde & Co. is excited to share these trends in Northern Utah. We make sure each custom home perfectly mixes modern tech, green practices, and your unique taste.

Smart thermostats and security systems are now part of our homes, making life easier and safer. We’re also focused on green solutions, like solar panels and efficient appliances. This shows our commitment to homes that are ready for the future and kind to our planet.

We believe in making homes that truly match what our clients want and how they live. This means spaces that work well for working from home, outdoor spots for relaxation, and elements that bring nature inside. Clyde & Co. is here to turn your dream home into a reality.

Ready to start this exciting journey? Contact Clyde & Co. at (385) 214-6247. Your custom home will showcase the best trends of 2024. It will be a space that mirrors your values and vision, blending luxury, practicality, and eco-friendly living in Northern Utah.


What are the top custom home building trends for 2024?

The big trends in 2024 focus on comfort and style. Expect to see open floor plans and cozy outdoor areas. Homes will have simple, clean designs and options for families of different generations.

How does smart home technology enhance living conditions?

Smart technology makes life easier and safer. It lets you control your home’s security, temperature, and entertainment with just a touch. Plus, it saves energy and can be customized to fit your lifestyle.

What smart home technologies are popular in 2024?

In 2024, popular tech includes AI helpers and smart appliances. You’ll also see touchless faucets and clever ways to store things. These gadgets offer easy control over your home’s environment.

What sustainable living features are essential in custom homes for 2024?

Homes in 2024 will use eco-friendly materials and energy-saving windows and thermostats. These green choices help the planet and can save you money on bills. They also make your home healthier.

What are some examples of eco-friendly building materials?

Green materials include recycled steel, bamboo, and wood that’s been saved and reused. There are also paints that don’t release harmful chemicals. These choices are good for Earth and look great, too.

How can custom homes be personalized in 2024?

You can make a 2024 home truly yours with smart tech and designs inspired by nature. Add wellness rooms or spaces for the whole family. Choose special finishes and designs that show off your style.

Why are multi-generational homes becoming popular?

More families now want homes that fit everyone, from kids to grandparents. These homes offer private and shared areas. They help bring families together and make good use of space.

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