Popular Custom Home Designs for 2024

May 23, 2024

As we look into 2024, a clear trend is emerging in home design. People want homes that bring balance and peace into their lives. Amid high home prices and mortgage struggles, those living in Northern Utah are getting creative.

They’re looking at ways to make the most of their spaces. This includes building ADUs and moving to areas with more land. Smart homes, space-saving kitchens, and versatile areas like basements are becoming a must.

These trends show how architecture is evolving to meet our needs. Comfort and smart living are at the heart of these changes.

Key Takeaways

  • Homeowners in 2024 seek balance and harmony in custom home designs to adapt to significant societal changes.
  • Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are becoming popular for enhancing living spaces amid high home prices.
  • There is a growing trend for smart homes, focusing on energy efficiency and connectivity.
  • Efficient and multi-purpose spaces like basements and outdoor living areas are in high demand.
  • Biophilic design principles and wellness-oriented living spaces are gaining prominence in luxury custom homes.
  • Architects emphasize meticulous planning to seamlessly integrate practicality and artistry in home designs.

Smart Homes: The Future Frontier in 2024

In 2024, home automation will see big changes with new tech. Our homes will become more convenient, efficient, and safe thanks to smart systems.

futuristic home automation

AI-powered Home Automation

Future home automation is becoming real. Soon, lights and climate will adjust themselves. Smart blinds will be common. Everything in your home will adapt to what you like.

Enhanced CPQ software will make these systems fit into our homes perfectly. They’ll be personalized and integrated smoothly.

Energy Efficiency and Comfort

In 2024, smart homes focus on saving energy and increasing comfort. They adapt heating and cooling for us. Smart skylights even respond to voice commands. CPQ software helps make these solutions more efficient.

Advanced Security Features

Security with AI technology will change. Systems will predict and prevent threats. They connect to protect our homes better. CPQ software customizes these systems for our needs.

AI-Enhanced Kitchen Appliances

Kitchens are becoming tech centers. Smart appliances will know how you cook and help you out. Say goodbye to hard kitchen tasks. CPQ tools customize these advances for you.

By 2024, smart home automation will be everywhere. CPQ and ERP systems will be key in making homes amazing. They ensure homes are comfortable, safe, and personal. For more, check out our guide on custom smart homes here.

Optimizing Kitchen Spaces for Modern Living

By 2024, kitchen designs focus more on being efficient than large. The rise of kitchen design efficiency brings back the classic kitchen triangle. This setup reduces unnecessary steps during cooking.

Today, practical kitchen islands become the center of homes. They are for preparing food and gathering around. modern kitchen optimization Undercounter fridges and smart pantries also improve kitchen use, making tasks easier.

Dealing with clutter is a big challenge in a Northern Utah kitchen remodel. Solutions like hidden double bins for trash and recycling help a lot. They also include spaces for compost under the sink. Items like lazy susans and special corner shelves utilize every inch of space efficiently.

For a sleek look, flat cabinet doors are now preferred. This style is in demand for high-end kitchen makeovers. Appliance areas keep electronics organized, keeping counters free of mess. This adds to the modern kitchen optimization

Some projects show how well these ideas work. For example, the Mid-Century Harbor Bay Remodel combined lazy susans with pegboard setups. It turned a crowded kitchen into a spacious area with lots of storage. The Piedmont Kitchen Remodel added sturdy shelves and dual bins for big gatherings.

In short, paying attention to kitchen design efficiency and smart storage leads to a modern, useful kitchen in any Northern Utah kitchen remodel. Custom Kitchens has been a leading expert in these types of remodels since 1950.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs): Versatility at its Best

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are becoming very popular. They are self-contained living spaces that offer an answer to the high cost of homes. Homeowners in Northern Utah see the value in ADUs because they are useful and flexible.

What is an ADU?

An ADU is a second place to live on the same property as a main house. You can find ADUs that are separate buildings or attached to the main house. For example, the Harrison ADU home plan has a big main house and a smaller ADU, giving lots of room to live.

Benefits of ADUs in Northern Utah

ADUs offer great advantages for living in Northern Utah. They’re perfect for housing family, making extra money, or giving more room to live. The Harrison plan shows how a house can fit many needs. It has enough space for everyone to live comfortably and even helps the environment.

Trendy ADU Designs for 2024

The latest ADU designs are all about style and function for 2024. These designs are about what people like and need. The Harrison plan is a good example because it looks great and has useful features. Making sure to follow local rules and get permits is important for a successful project.

Popular Custom Home Designs for 2024

In 2024, our homes will focus more on wellness. Aesthetics and usefulness will come together in the modern farmhouse. Features like home gyms, spa-like bathrooms, and meditation rooms will support a healthy lifestyle.

The urban rustic style is still popular, with big windows and retractable walls that blend indoor and outdoor spaces. Outdoor areas will match the natural setting, making our homes feel closer to nature. This approach improves our homes’ look and feel.

Eco-friendly materials and smart tech are key in 2024’s home designs. Builders are using sustainable materials and high-tech systems for better energy use. Practices like collecting rainwater and using smart tech make homes more efficient and match our modern lives.

Homes are getting more personal in 2024. Features like unique tiles, custom vanities, and themed rooms make each home special. In places like The Cliffs, South Carolina, homes mix wellness, nature, and green practices to create luxurious living spaces.

Warm colors and classic details are in style for 2024. Homes will have cozy whites and neutrals, with rustic wood and brick touches. New trends like backsplashes and fluted designs add beauty and function to key home areas.


Looking ahead to 2024, the future of home design is thrilling for us at Clyde & Co. With innovative solutions and personal comforts, it matches modern living well. The trend for custom homes is growing among various people. This shows a want for quality and durable choices in every part of their homes. These homes are not just unique but also save money over time and are good for our planet. They use less energy thanks to things like solar panels, better insulation, and smart thermostats.

Custom homes let owners use less energy and pick eco-friendly materials. Choices like sustainable wood and safe paints make homes better for living. Plus, these homes can sell for more later on. Focusing on saving energy and being green helps save a lot on bills in the long run.

These homes also offer the chance to pick the perfect spot to live. They let us plan for future changes in our lives, making sure our homes adapt with us. They feature the newest tech, like home automation and efficient appliances. Building a custom home is more than making a place to live. It’s about making a rewarding space that fits our unique wants and shows our commitment to quality and great design.


What are the top custom home designs for 2024?

For 2024, the top custom home designs focus on modern living. They aim for balance and harmony. Features like smart home tech, practical luxuries, and optimized layouts are key. Outdoor spaces, pickleball courts, and sensory architecture are also popular.

How are smart homes evolving in 2024?

In 2024, smart homes are getting more advanced with AI and the Internet of Things. Expect lighting that knows your schedule, climate control that saves energy, and top-notch security. Kitchens will have smart appliances that learn how to help with cooking.

What are the benefits of AI-powered home automation?

AI home automation means more convenience and efficiency. It controls lighting and temperature to fit your life and save energy. These smart systems simplify managing home tasks.

Why is the kitchen triangle design making a comeback?

The kitchen triangle design is back because it makes cooking easier. It links the sink, stove, and fridge efficiently. With islands and smart storage, kitchens function better.

What is an ADU and why are they popular?

An ADU is a self-contained space on the same property as a main house. They’re great for extra living space or rental income. In Northern Utah, they’re an answer to high home prices and interest rates.

What modern design trends are influencing ADU construction in 2024?

Modern ADU designs in 2024 are all about being flexible and eco-friendly. They use natural light and green materials well. These spaces are designed to fit different needs, making them great for extra living space.

How does Clyde & Co. integrate AI-enhanced kitchen appliances?

Clyde & Co. leads in adding AI kitchen tools to homes. They use machine learning to make cooking easier, like setting the right temperatures. These smart kitchens are user-friendly and cutting-edge.

What are the benefits of energy-efficient features in smart homes?

Smart homes with energy-efficient features save money and help the planet. They adjust to your needs, keeping you comfy while saving energy. This makes homes more sustainable.

How is Clyde & Co. catering to modern home design needs?

Clyde & Co. responds to modern home needs with the latest trends. They focus on personal tastes, creating spaces that are both smart and comfy. Their designs include ADUs and tech-savvy solutions for homeowners in Northern Utah.

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