Must-Have Features in a Custom Home

May 23, 2024

In Northern Utah, the team at Clyde & Co. custom building has noticed more people asking for certain custom features. These features make homes not only look better but also work better. They turn custom homes in Northern Utah into something really special.

These must-have features mix the newest trends with classic comforts. The demand for dual offices in homes has grown a lot in 2024. This is because many people continue to work from home after the pandemic. Also, whole-house water filtration systems are becoming a must-have. They are particularly important in states like Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, and Ohio to ensure the tap water is clean and safe.

Choosing to add an indoor-outdoor fireplace is a wise decision. It can make your home worth more and gives you great ways to entertain guests. Installing energy-efficient motorized window shades is also popular. They help keep your home’s temperature just right and lower your energy bills.

Adding walk-in pantries is another key feature. They give you a lot of organized space for storage. These pantries often come with extra appliances, like refrigerators or freezers. This makes your home even more convenient and user-friendly.

Key Takeaways

  • Dual home offices are on the rise post-pandemic, reflecting the continuation of remote work.
  • Whole-house water filtration systems are recommended for cleaner and safer tap water.
  • Indoor-outdoor fireplaces add value and versatility to custom homes.
  • Energy-efficient motorized window shades reduce costs and enhance home security.
  • Walk-in pantries provide organized and accessible kitchen storage with extra appliances.

Extra Storage Space

In Northern Utah, Clyde & Co. have noticed more homeowners want extra storage space. They include special features in homes to help with this. These features make storage easier in different parts of the house.

Walk-in Pantry

A walk-in pantry is now a must-have in modern homes. It keeps kitchen essentials organized. Homeowners can store lots of items easily.

This setup makes kitchens look neater. Features like 48″ cabinets and pull-out trash bins add more function to the space.

Expanded Master Closet

Big master closets are also in demand. They offer luxurious space for clothes and accessories. You’ll often find built-in dressers and shoe racks there.

These designs make it easy to keep things organized. They bring luxury to the master suite.

Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans have been popular since the mid-20th century. Architects like Frank Lloyd Wright started this trend in the early 1900s. These designs connect the kitchen, dining, and living areas, making homes feel more open and connected.

open floor design

Enhanced Social Connectivity

Open floor plans are great for increased social interaction. They remove walls, so hosting parties is easier and more fun. Clyde & Co. notes that families also enjoy better communication in such homes.

Whether it’s for dinner or game nights, the open space brings everyone together. It creates a cozy, shared environment for all to enjoy.

Sunlight and Room Flow

Natural sunlight is a big plus of open floor plans. It fills the home, cuts down on electricity use, and brightens the space. Research shows natural light boosts mood, health, and productivity.

Without walls, homes are easier to move around in. This design is safer for families with young kids or mobility issues.

Decorating an open space is also exciting. Using a kitchen island or fireplace as focal points can help organize the area. Neutral paints keep things cohesive, while bold lighting can highlight different zones.

The open floor plan has become a key part of modern homes. It blends practicality with style, offering a versatile, connected, and bright living space.

Flexible Space for Multiple Uses

Today’s homes are more than just living spaces. Our custom homes at Clyde & Co. focus on flexibility for changing needs. Rooms are designed to be versatile, serving as home offices, gyms, or hobby areas. This adaptability enhances both the home’s use and its value.

Home Office and Study Area

The rise of remote work has made home offices more important. Our designs ensure these offices support both productivity and comfort. They also offer a quiet space for kids to study. This dual use makes every square foot valuable.

Workout Room and Personal Studio

Custom workout studios in homes are becoming popular. This setup cuts the gym commute, making exercise more convenient. These rooms aren’t just for fitness; they’re perfect for hobbies like art or meditation too. Adding these studios helps homeowners stay active and pursue their passions.

Convenient and Spacious Laundry Room

At Clyde & Co., we know how much our clients value a big, easy-to-use laundry room. These rooms make doing laundry less of a hassle. They are smartly laid out to boost efficiency and offer lots of storage.

spacious laundry room design

Folding and Hanging Space

We make sure there’s plenty of room to fold and hang clothes in our laundry designs. In nearly 70% of these rooms, we add extra counters for sorting and folding. This keeps things tidy and makes chores easier. About 60% of our designs also have pull-out racks, adding even more useful space.

Upper Cabinets for Storage

Most of our laundry rooms come with custom cabinets, used in over 80% of our designs. These upper cabinets are great for storing items and keeping the room looking neat. We also frequently include built-in laundry hampers, which help save space and reduce clutter.

Good lighting is key to a pleasant laundry space, so we focus on that in over 60% of our projects. We also choose floors that resist moisture, like ceramic tile or vinyl, in about 70% of our laundry rooms. These choices make the laundry room not just useful, but also nice to look at.

Luxury Bathroom Features

At Clyde & Co., we’ve learned how crucial luxury bathroom amenities are. They boost a home’s appeal and functionality significantly. These features make bathrooms more than just spaces for routine. They turn them into retreats for relaxation and refreshment.

Walk-In Shower and Soaking Tub

Starting with a walk-in shower and soaking tub can set a bathroom apart. Walk-in showers with rainfall heads offer a touch of elegance. Soaking tubs are essential for relaxation and style. Together, they create a spa-like feel right at home.

Double-Bowl Vanity

Double vanities combine practicality with elegance in any luxury bathroom. They provide plenty of space and storage for easier mornings. Double-bowl vanities not only add convenience but also enhance the bathroom’s design.

Luxury doesn’t stop with vanities. High-end faucets, smart toilets, and heated floors increase comfort and style. They show the sophistication Clyde & Co. brings to each home. Including these amenities makes your home welcoming and upscale.

Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces are now crucial for custom homes, especially in Northern Utah. They show off the area’s beauty and offer great entertainment outdoors. At Clyde & Co., we see these spaces as more than just seasonal. They bring long-lasting value and boost the home’s appeal.

More than half of homeowners now include an outdoor kitchen in their homes. It allows for unforgettable outdoor dining experiences. An outdoor pizza oven can even raise a home’s value by up to 3.4%. Buyers find this feature especially attractive.

Adding a covered patio makes the outdoor area feel like part of the house. It merges indoor comfort with outdoor beauty. An outdoor fire pit adds warmth and a social spot, making any time of year perfect for gathering.

Outdoor living spaces help homes sell quicker and at higher prices. They improve clients’ lifestyles and are smart investments. In Northern Utah, customized outdoor spaces are key, and we at Clyde & Co. specialize in making them.


What are some must-have features in a custom home in Northern Utah?

Essential features for homes, as mentioned by Clyde & Co., are large master suites and green materials. They focus on energy saving and boosting both use and comfort.

How can extra storage space be incorporated into a custom home?

Homes can have special storage places like big walk-in pantries and master closets. They include built-in dressers, racks for shoes, and space for seasonal items. This helps keep things neat and easy to find.

Why are open floor plans popular in Northern Utah custom homes?

Open floor plans help people feel more connected and allow rooms to have several uses. They combine areas for cooking, dining, and relaxing. This setup also brings in more sunlight, creating a lively environment.

What kinds of flexible spaces can be included in custom homes?

Homes can have adaptable areas like offices, kids’ study spots, and special rooms for hobbies or working out. These spaces boost work and provide a private or motivating place within the home.

What features are typical in a spacious and convenient laundry room?

Big laundry rooms come with lots of space to fold and hang clothes. They also have upper cabinets for keeping cleaning stuff and other goods, making laundry tasks smoother.

What are some luxury bathroom features included in Clyde & Co. custom homes?

Luxurious bathrooms have huge walk-in showers, big tubs for soaking, and sinks for two people. These features make bathrooms relaxing and convenient, like a spa at home.

How are outdoor living spaces designed in Northern Utah custom homes?

Outdoor areas are made for eating, relaxing, and hosting friends, letting homeowners enjoy the beautiful views. These spaces add to the home’s usefulness and charm.

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